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You are an eyewitness to history as it unfolded. If you lived through the Great Depression, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, 9/11, Iraq, Afghanistan, the Great Recession, or events in the Middle-East, your written account will promote greater understanding of your era and place you as a credible source of information. Above all, your own life and lessons matter to those you love, and to those who will know you after they read your story.


Reflecting on your life or business in a biography helps you describe all you’ve learned and achieved, while inspiring others along their own path of life.

Do you need a professional biography writer, ghost writer, or need help writing your memoir? If so, BiographyMasters is here to help you record your life and work for posterity.

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Ken Overman with Buck Jacobs at his signing – October 2014

BiographyMasters will write your history, thoughts, ideas, dreams, and inspirations in an attractive, professional book you will be proud of. Whether a traditional “ink-on-paper” book, soft cover, hard cover, or an E-book, we’ll provide the best presentation to suit your needs.

Why write your autobiography? Because the story of your life matters more than you know. Your children, extended family, associates, and others want to know more about how you lived. A biography can establish the true account of events that took place in your lifetime. It can also be an opportunity to set the record straight, and inform or instruct those beyond your immediate circles. You can record lessons learned and best practices, and set the tone for future generations. It is true after all: written accounts of lives and events can shape the opinions of those who read it.

To learn more, visit the other pages in this site. Start with How We Do It and then go to FAQs. And be sure to meet the Creative Director.

Our promise: We will deliver excellent, cost-effective biographical services for the complete satisfaction of our clients. We are not a writing factory, so we will not out-source the interviewing or the writing process which could harm your confidentiality or dilute the essence of your story.

 We’re not a “writing factory” — we won’t outsource your story to third-party writers.

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